Thursday, August 27, 2009

Math Links

Here are links to some articles on another site that I wrote before I started this webpage.
How to Develop Math Literacy in Preschool Kids is full of ideas for parents of toddlers. Math literacy starts at birth and should be nurtured with the same attention to detail given to reading. At this age, math should be play based which makes it guaranteed fun for parents and kids alike.
How to Help Kids Understand Fractions is full of ideas on ways to teach fractions. Fractions are a huge problem area in math. Kids consistently struggle with fractions. I call fractions ‘tricksy’ because one addition problem may also use multiplication and division.  I think fractions are one of the first times kids are faced with multi-operation problems and figuring out when to do what becomes overwhelming.

How to Get Kids’ Minds Ready to Go Back to School You’ve got the clothes and the new backpack stuffed with school supplies, but is your child ready for school? This article helps kids strengthen their mental muscles and ensures they start the school year off with a bang.
How to Help Learning Disabled Kids With Math. It’s critical that parents, tutors, and teachers understand learning disabilities. You can show a learning disabled kid what to do a million times, but if the lesson isn’t in a format they can absorb, you’re better off trying to learn how to catch bullets with your teeth–it would be easier and a more productive use of your time.
Learning disabled kids are wired differently and those differences need to be accommodated in order for them to learn. The most important part of this article is: “Every time you push a learning disabled kid to the point of frustration, you completely alienate them from the learning process. Helping learning disabled kids with math is not just about the math, it’s about their emotions and psychological scripts too.”

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