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      1. Circles and Curved Trusses
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        Circles and Curved Trusses

        When ordering a circle
        please note the following: 

          1. Outer diametera) Minimum diameter is 1,5 meter / 5 feet
        b) There is no maximum diameter limit
        2. Format / Position
        a) DUO (Flat) – Horizontal or Vertical
        b) TRIO (Triangular) – Apex up / down, Apex in or Apex out.
        c) QUATRO (Box) – Standard
        3. Number of Segments
        a) Increments of four (4) allow most reconfiguration flexibility. This also allows a circle to be used complete, as ¼, ½ or ¾‘s or together with standard straight lengths and junctions.



        For more details, please download [the file] [Circles and Curved Trusses.zip]
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