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      1. 折疊桁架
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        Quick Mount Foldable Series


        · TD-QC53TF折疊桁架可節省70%的倉儲及運輸空間
        · EN AW 6082 T6國際標準材料
        · 專利桁架

          · The super strong TD-QC53TF is a model of our high loading, foldable and quick mount series, designed for the need of extra high loading as well as longer span.
        · The unique rectangular cross section truss is fixed with strong quick mount couplers at the end of all the pipes.
        · Thanks to the patented design of being foldable, cost is reduced by saving ample space up to 70% of both storage and delivering gears
        · The welding material is imported and the welding work is done by our qualified skilled craftsmen.
        · This is widely suitable for most project
         規格 Dimensions
         形狀 Shape  折疊 Folding  折疊 Folding
         材質 Material  EN AW 6082 T6  EN AW 6082 T6
         主管 Main Tubes  50 x 3 mm Cross Pipe(十字芯)  1.97 x 0.12 in Cross Pipe (十字芯)
         副管 Braces  30 x 2 mm  1.18 x 0.08 in
         重量 Weight  ≈ 11.9kg/m  ≈ 8.01 Ibs/ft
         1 inch = 25.4mm   1 m =3.28ft    1 Ibs = 0.453kg


        如需了解更詳細內容,請下載文件 [TD-QC53TF.zip]
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