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      1. WI-8004 Narrow Band UHF Synthesized Wiress Intercom Base Sat
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        Narrow Band UHF Synthesized Wireless Intercom Base Sation

        Features Specifications
        · Base Station LCD Allows the User to easily moniter the beltpack’s status
        · Base Stations are Table or Rack Mountable
        · Automatically or Manual Finds the Best Channels on Which to Operate
        · Compatible with Telex, Clear-Com, & Other Wired Intercom Types
        · Convenient IEC Power Connector on the Base Station
        · Full Duplex (Simultaneous Talk & Listen ) Operation
        · Talk Button and Volume Control
        Color Black

        Height 1.72”(42.7 mm)

        Depth 14”(355.6 mm)

        Width 3.75”(482.6 mm)

         Weight 7.12 Ibs(3.23kg)

        Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, IEC receptacle

        Storage Temperature -4?F to 130?F (-20?C to 55?C)

        Antenna 1/4

        Form Factor Rack Mount 19”

        Freuqency Band of Operation 470-608 MHz, 614-740 MHz

        Freuqency Response 300 Hz -8 KHz

        Local Headset Output 40 mW output into 600?1%Distortion

        Microphone Input Sensitivity 9 mv

        Modulation Type FM

        Radiatep Harmonics and Spurious Exceeds FCC specifications

        RF Frepuency Range 470-608 NHz, 614-740 MHz

        RF Frepuency Stability ≦2.5PPM

        Transmit Power 100 mW Max.(High ),10 Mw(Normal)

        Wireless Technology UHF

        Modulation Limiter Peak-Responding Compressor 



        For more details, please download [the file] [intechcom WIRELESS INTERCOM SYSTEM]
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