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        Structure Rigging for WE Part 2 Leo Ku World Tour 2017
        Release Date: 2017-07-15
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        Saturday night on 8th July, a hot even WE Part 2 World Tour Concert performed by HK pop singer Leo Ku in Gym of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, has gained technical services of TRINIT Rigging Truss and Lighting and ProLyft Aetos hoists to support an safety even.
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        Hongkong pop singer Leo Ku kicked off his upgraded Version WE Part 2 World Tour Saturday night on 8th July in Shenzhen, China.
            The scene photos    
        For the upgraded Version WE Part 2 tour and the past WE tour 2015&2016, TRINITY felt great honored to be a trusted equipment supporter in Rigging and Lighting for the series Leo Ku Tour Concert in China. Just like the structure design of the past WE tour 2015&2016, there is a little change with the Upgraded Version WE Part 2. Patented product of TRI-Power TRUSS(Brand Name) - Quick Mount Folding Truss TD-QC112RF-60-S6(1120*610mm), which is designed for the need of extra high loading as well as longer span that was used to be the mother grid. Bolted Series TD-BC40S(400*400mm) is to use for the lighting fixture. Creating a structure system of 37.5m(L)x16.8m(W)x17m(H).  
            The scene photos    
            The scene photos    
        LEO Ku
        Hong Kong Cantopop and Mandopop singer, actor, TV host, model, cartoonist, MV director, and producer and designer, a major figure in popular music culture.
        Ku has released over 35 albums since kicking off his music career in 1994. He was selected the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong" in 2005 by the Government of Hong Kong. He is one of the few Cantopop artists who employ the use of falsetto–Because of this, many people, including David Tao, have praised this unique talent.Over the years Ku has made efforts to support social services, as seen by the creation of the Leo Ku Children’s Medical Charity Fund. Ku was also the eighth torchbearer for the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay in Hong Kong. In 2015, he was also selected to be the first host and contestant in the third season of the Chinese version of “I Am a Singer.”
            ?The scene photos    
            The scene photos    
        Concert Tour Schedule:
        WE Part 2 Leo Ku World Tour 2017 in Shenzhen
        WE Part 2 Leo Ku World Tour 2017 in Beijing
        WE Part 2 Leo Ku World Tour 2017 in Guangzhou